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Is Activated Charcoal Here to Stay?


If you want the short answer then; yes. However, we are positive that you would like a bit more information than that.
Elsewhere on the website, we have published an article on the history of activated charcoal. If you have read this article, then you must know that activated charcoal has been used extensively for centuries. Based on this information alone, you can assume that it is not going to be going anywhere anytime soon.


When it comes to dealing with certain types of poisoning, activated charcoal is still the best thing that we have. There is no other substance around that can absorb poison as quickly as activated charcoal can. If it is consumed immediately after the poisoning, then it is likely that there will be very little damage to the person or animal, if any at all.

The only other way in which we can deal with poisoning is by using stomach pumps. These still must be used in certain situations, but they are not pleasurable to use at all and can cause some damage to the person.

Basically, in the world of dealing with poiso
ns, we have not found something better than activated charcoal and it is unlikely that we will anytime soon. For this reason alone, activated charcoal is something that you should keep in your medicine cabinet.


Many detox diets rely on the use of activated charcoal. The activated charcoal is used in these detox diets for the same reason that it is used for dealing with poison. This is the fact that the activated charcoal can readily absorb toxins in the body. It will absorb these toxins and escort them out in your stools. By giving your liver and kidneys a cleanse, you will be in far better health.

With a number of detox diets popping up as of late and the fact that many of them use activated charcoal as a central component, we can’t see it disappearing here either.

Other Uses

As you may see from some of the other articles that we have produced here, you will know that activated charcoal is used extensively in several different industrial environments. Since activated charcoal is required for several chemical reactions, as well as absorbing chemicals when they have been spilled, we can’t imagine that it is going to be disappearing from industry anytime soon either.

Long story short, activated charcoal has been used consistently for thousands of years. It is not something which is going to just disappear overnight. In fact, in many cases, activated charcoal is still the best thing for the job. Since it is cheap to produce, it is unlikely that anybody is going to be searching that hard for a replacement either. We believe that activated charcoal is still going to be used in some capacity a few centuries from now, particularly as researchers are starting to look heavily into the benefits it brings to the table. It will only get more popular from here on out!


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