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How to Boost Your Beauty With Activated Charcoal


So, we all know how actively activated charcoal (actively activated?..sounds like a yogurt!) is often used in the beauty industry. If you head to any store selling beauty products, then it is quite likely you will find plenty of products that have activated charcoal added to them. You can buy these if you wish, and we do have a fantastic selection in our shop page, but in most cases you need nothing more than your own supply of activated charcoal, and voila! You can now make your own beauty products at home. In this article, we want to give you an ‘action plan’ for improving your beauty with activated charcoal!


You will want to start by flushing all the awful toxins out of your body. Not only do these toxins have a negative impact on your health, but they can make your skin appear to be dry, wrinkled and unhealthy.
At the start of each day, we suggest that you put yourself together an activated charcoal detox drink. You will find the recipe in our article;

How to Make an Amazing Activated Charcoal Detox Drink

The purpose of this detox drink will be to flush all those nasty toxins out of your body. As this happens, you will find that the overall look of your skin will start to improve.
You do not even need to do this everyday! Even if you take the detox drink every couple of days, you will still start to see a bunch of benefits to the health of your skin.

Every Other Day
Beauty often goes hand in hand with a gorgeous smile, so you need to ensure that your smile is as wonderful as possible; and don’t you worry we have got you covered. In this article we are going to give you an action plan that will help you whiten your teeth safely with activated charcoal.
Every other day, we suggest that you use activated charcoal to gently and lightly scrub your teeth. Make sure to be very gentle to ensure no abrasive particles damage your teeth. The activated charcoal will help to remove any staining or plaque. If you do this every other day for a couple of weeks, your teeth will start to become noticeably whiter.
Once your teeth are at the point that you want i.e. most of the staining has been removed, then start to move towards scrubbing your teeth once a week. You do not need to do it more than that. There will be little to no benefit after a certain point. Your main aim here is to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

Every three days

There are two things you will want to do every three days:
– Make yourself an activated charcoal face mask. These are simple to put together and you will be able to read the full amazing recipe in one of our previous articles. This activated charcoal face mask will help to draw toxins out of your skin. Basically, you are going to be cleaning out your pores which will shrink them, reducing the chance of acne.

– Add a teaspoon of activated charcoal to your shampoo. This will make your hair feel more ‘lush’. If you have light coloured hair, make sure you give your hair a good cleaning afterwards as leaving even the smallest amount of activated charcoal in your hair will be obvious.

If you follow our ‘action plan’ to a tee, then we are positive your beauty and overall well being will improve. You will be amazed at the effects of this miracle powder. 


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