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How to Make an Activated Charcoal Face Mask


There are several ways in which you can make your own activated charcoal face mask. We have seen some very long and convoluted recipes out there, many of them demanding ingredients which are so expensive that you may just as well buy the face mask instead. The activated charcoal face mask recipe that we recommend on this page is simple but will also offer a wealth of benefits.


– Plastic mixing bowl. This should not be a bowl that you use for food. Well, you should not be using it for mixing food after you have made an activated charcoal face mask with it.

– Wood or plastic utensil to mix the face mask with.
It is worth noting that the ingredients detailed below are enough to make just a single face mask. You can up these ingredients if you wish. If you do increase the ingredients, then you will need a container to store the activated charcoal face mask in. We recommend that you purchase a mason jar for this. You can store the activated charcoal face mask at room temperature.


– 2 capsules of activated charcoal. You can also use a teaspoon if you only have it in powder form.
– ½ teaspoon bentonite clay
– ¼ teaspoon of avocado oil
– ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil

– 1 teaspoon of lukewarm water
As we mentioned previously, you can increase these ingredients if you wish. Obviously, ensure that they are increased in proportion to one another. So, if you are doubling the amount of activated charcoal you are using, you should double the rest of the ingredients too.


Start by mixing up all the ingredients in your plastic bowl. You should be able to make a paste with it. If it does not look like you will be able to spread the activated charcoal face mask on your face without a bit of work, then feel free to add a touch more water. Obviously, you should not add too much water as this can make the activated charcoal too runny. If it is too runny, then it is going to slide all over your skin and not really absorb any of those impurities.

Once you have made your paste, it should be simple to apply the activated charcoal mixture to your face. Use a cosmetic brush to do so. Once you have used the cosmetic brush to apply the activated charcoal to your face, you will not want to use it for any other type of makeup. This is because the cosmetic brush will end up becoming stained.
It is important that you do not let the activated charcoal come into contact with your eyes. This is not going to be a pleasurable experience by any stretch of the imagination.

Leave the activated charcoal face mask on your face until it dries. This should take about ten minutes. You can then remove it with lukewarm water. Pat your face dry after.


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