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7 Surprising Benefits of Activated Charcoal


We are positive that you are aware of the benefits of activated charcoal when it comes to helping somebody recover from an overdose, or maybe recover from accidental consumption of poison. There are, however, several other surprising benefits of activated charcoal beyond this. These include:

Teeth Whitening and Oral Health

If your teeth are stained, then activated charcoal may help. The activated charcoal will bind to the stains, which will ensure that they are easier to remove. In addition to this, the activated charcoal will help to keep the pH balance in your mouth ‘in check’. This will reduce the chance of cavities forming. It may even eliminate any issues related to bad breath. Just make sure to scrub your teeth ever so gently, as the activated charcoal can be quite abrasive.

Alleviates Gas and Bloating

Suffering from severe gas or bloating? A small amount of activated charcoal is all you need to keep this at bay. Take 500mg of activated charcoal about an hour before you eat. After your meal, drink a glass of water. No gas should be produced. If any is, it should be minimal.

Prevents Hangovers

One common use of activated charcoal is for dealing with alcohol poisoning. However, did you also know that it can be used to deal with hangovers too? Activated charcoal will remove toxins from your body. These are the toxins which lead to a hangover in the morning. If you take the activated charcoal alongside your alcohol, then you may even find that the chances of you getting ‘drunk’ will be reduced.

Water Filtration

Activated charcoal is often carried by ‘wild’ campers. Filtering water through activated charcoal should remove most of the impurities. This includes the removal of pesticides, chemicals, and solvents. It can’t remove deadly bacteria. It may be able to remove some of it, but we certainly would not rely on activated charcoal to do that job.

Even if you are not out camping, many studies seem to indicate that filtering water through activated charcoal is good for your health. For example; it can help to remove fluoride from the water which can have a negative impact on your kidneys and liver.

Skin Health

You do not even need to consume the activated charcoal for its benefits. For example; there is some indication that activated charcoal is suitable for dealing with body odor and acne. If you have been bitten by an insect, then it can even help to relieve the discomfort of those bites.


Planning a detox of your digestive system? Activated charcoal can help you there too. It can help to eliminate toxins in your body. This may have an overall impact on the health of your liver, kidneys, and even help to alleviate joint pain. Some people even notice that they think a little bit clearer when toxins have been removed from their system.

Reduce Cholesterol

Finally; there is some evidence that activated charcoal can help to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. One study suggests it could reduce it by as much as 25%.  You do not even need to take that much. Just three doses a day for a month should be more than enough.


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