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What is the Best Way to Consume Activated Charcoal?


The best way to consume activated charcoal will be dependent on why you are using it.

Here are a few suggestions:

Activated Charcoal Pills

For most purposes, consuming activated charcoal pills is the route to go down. This way you will be able to determine exactly how much activated charcoal you are consuming. You will not need to weigh anything as the activated carbon has already been weighed for you. Of course, activated charcoal pills are going to be for the smaller doses of the ingredient. A couple of mg at the most. This means that they may not be ideal if you are dealing with a poisoning. However, if somebody has been poisoned, it is likely that you will be heading to the hospital anyway in order to ensure that they are consuming the right amount of activated

In Powder Form

There are some people who will take their activated charcoal in a powder form. This is ideal for situations where you may need a larger amount of activated charcoal than a pill may provide. However, it is worth noting that activated charcoal does not have the most pleasurable taste in the world. While you can consume it ‘straight’ as a powder, we do not recommend it unless it is strictly necessary. If you are dealing with a poisoning, then it is likely that it will be given in a powdered form. This is the only way to ensure that you get enough activated charcoal into your system to ensure that all the poison is absorbed. This is not the most pleasurable experience in the world, but it is still going to be far better than whatever the poison will do to you.

In a Drink

Throughout our website, we have put together a few different recipes for making your own activated charcoal drinks. These are going to be far, far easier to consume than in powder form. Of course, there will always be the slight taste of activated charcoal in the mix, but if you use the right combination of flavors you can cover it up somewhat. If you are using activated charcoal as part of a detox process, then it is likely that you will be consuming it as part of a drink. This is because the drink will allow you to mix in various additional ingredients which will assist even further with your detox.

In Your Food

You can also incorporate a small amount of activated charcoal into your food. This is going to mask a majority of the activated charcoal taste as long as you use the right ingredients (and are not a terrible cook). In fact cooking with activated charcoal does such a great job of eliminating the taste, you will barely even know you are eating activated charcoal (until you look down at your food and it is strangely black).

Applied Directly to the Skin

This is the best solution of consuming activated charcoal if you are dealing with skin issues. Use this method for dealing with acne, or just to give yourself a slightly more youthful appearance.


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